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Photo Jobs Blog

Science of Cancer Research (Commercial Photographer)

Go to to see my latest Image Source shoot, created at York University with the help of Yorkshire Cancer Research. It shows scientists researching methods cancer treatment. Image Source are renowned for providing high end photography as stock to clients around the world. This is what I do for a living, if you’d like a commercial/scientific photographer to […]

Graham Uney Lake District’s fell-top assessor (Climbing photography)

Meet Graham Uney, who has completed his first month as Weatherline’s new fell-top assessor for the Lake District National Park Authority.   Working alongside Jon Bennett, fellow assessor of 8 years, Graham is rightly proud to have landed one of the most unusual jobs going, climbing Helvellyn daily. Requiring a love of the great outdoors, in all […]

Wrynose Pass – Lake District Landscape

Sunrise this morning on Wrynose Pass, just above the Three Shires Stone which marks the joining of the three historical counties of Cumbria

Ok, so the landscape photographer thing isn’t a long term thing, it’s just sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time to see some bloody nice stuff happening! To find out a bit about the last few days and these photographs, read on…   Yesterday and today I have been working on a […]

Yorkshire Food Finder’s Kitchen Socials with the Flat Cap Cook (Commercial Photographer)

On Saturday (the 23rd August 2014) I travelled from Manchester to Wheldrake, near York, to photograph an exciting new event for culinary connoisseurs: Yorkshire Food Finder’s Kitchen Social. “We totally love them! You’ve completely and utterly captured the essence of what we’re trying to do. The pix are awesome – some I don’t like of me (naturally!) but […]

Editorial photography in print – Seen whilst trawling the internet

Here’s a small selection of work recently published, mainly editorial, around the world, i.e. I’ve been googling myself again! I often do this, mainly to see if anyone’s been using my images without paying, but also because it’s interesting to see where things end up. Photography travels far and wide online and illustrating an article is […]

Life as a Features Photographer – 25th World Championship Hen Racing in Derbyshire

I must admit, I do like the strange and eclectic (those who know me, would tend to agree, and also as evidenced by my music collection) and sometimes my job, quite luckily, takes me straight to it. Although, when I found out about the 25th World Championship Hen Racing, even I thought that it might […]

A Heck of a good way to spend a Saturday (& part of your honeymoon)!

On Monday the 21st of July, Pooja and I got married in Harrogate! I took her on a surprise trip up to the Lake District on Thursday for a mini-honeymoon in Keswick for 2 nights. Our little mini-honeymoon was topped off with a visit to a little (or actually, it was rather fancy and big) […]

Outdoor photography, indoor editing

I try not to spend my time in front of a computer, but most of the time, as a photographer, you find that is where you are. Gone are the days when you could send off a roll of unprocessed film and let someone else worry about the details, that’s all possible now at the […]

UK Outdoor Clothing Photography – PHD

Here’s a snippet of my editing, from selects of a job shot a just under two months ago, in SNOW! This was the Highlands (& Lakes). They go live in a few months, which is pretty exciting. PHD make outdoor clothing for expeditions for the likes of top female mountaineer Adele Pennington and explorer Sir […]