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  • Editorial Photographer (My work for publications, magazines and newspapers)
  • Commercial Photographer (My work for commercial clients, from static to lifestyle product photography - My preference is lifestyle photography)
  • PR Photographer (My work for public relations and corporate sectors for small, medium and large businesses)

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(ex-)Manchester Photographer

NOTE – As of 01/09/2015 I’m back in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I’lll be still working for my Manchester clients, with the added fun of an M62 commute

I won’t be re-writing this, as most of it still stands. Plus I’d rather be out taking photographs! Driving times are obviously different now, see my contact page for more info.

A bit about my being an (Manchester) Photographer

Last year (2014) I made the move to Manchester. I moved in with my partner and we got married. It’s a long story, involving getting engaged in a matter of weeks, moving in after my beloved Seat Leon blew up (and my then wife-to-be rescuing me). Eventually moving over and getting married a few months later.

As a Manchester photographer, the city is a vibrant place to be. Lots going on, loads to see and capture, countless small, medium and large businesses. It’s bustling. If only the traffic wasn’t so crazy!

As a photographer (previously Harrogate, Leeds and York), I’ve worked here a fair bit before. A few of my clients have factories, offices and businesses based in the Greater Manchester area. It’s here where I set up Heath Robinson-esque on-site photographic studios for photographing products, hanging from rafters with Manfrotto Super Clamps in hand and softboxes in toe.

I’ve been through the doors of the Etihad Stadium (also known as the City of Manchester Stadium) and been a photographer at a Bon Jovi gig (for the Press Association). I’ve taken photographs at the Museum of Science of Industry, which have been used by 3D printing companies as PR photographs to go along with press releases about an amazing 3D printed mountain bike (Used by Renishaw here and to show Empire Cycles bike, who can be found here, they’re based in Bolton, Greater Manchester).

I’m always happy to work for new clients and am constantly looking for new opportunities where I can improve an organisation’s visual image through the medium of photography.

I’m especially pleased to work as a commercial photographer for UK businesses and companies. I’ve said it before, we’re an amazing little island, and have so much creativity and skill which reaches all around the world.

Contacting Manchester Photographer, Jonathan Pow (that’s me)

I’m a professional photographer and it’s my full time job. If you’re interested in commissioning me as a photographer, give me a call on 07901 617571 or email jp@jonathanpow.com

Locations Nearby

Here are times to locations nearby, please add half an hour to an hour for rush hour. Although I’m a Manchester photographer I’ll travel further, anywhere really, theses times are just for guidance if a job is urgent. Mileage costs will apply for travel at £0.45 per mile (it’s a big car, usually full of lots of photography gear  and lighting and this is slightly less than the actual costs to run, but it is the industry standard).

On the WEST of the UK

Manchester – Here (Though times may vary)
Liverpool – 46 Minutes
Birmingham – 1:40 Hours
Windermere, The Lake District – 1:40

North and South in the UK

London – 3:26 Hours
Edinburgh – 3:40 Hours
Bristol – 2:52 Hours

On the EAST of the UK

Harrogate – 1:25 Hours
Ripon – 1:27 Hours
Leeds – 50 Minutes
Bradford – 47 Minutes
York – 1:19 Hours

Middlesbrough – 1:52 Hours
Sheffield – 1:19 Hours
Hull – 1:42 Hours

Chesterfield – 1:32 Hours
Newcastle upon Tyne – 2:23 Hours

Lincoln – 2:02 Hours
Derby – 1:40 Hours

Barbados – 8:40 Hours

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