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  • Editorial Photographer (My work for publications, magazines and newspapers)
  • Commercial Photographer (My work for commercial clients, from static to lifestyle product photography - My preference is lifestyle photography)
  • PR Photographer (My work for public relations and corporate sectors for small, medium and large businesses)

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About Jonathan Pow, Photographer

This is me on Werregarenstraat, the famous graffiti street of Ghent. Belgium

This is me, on Werregarenstraat, the famous graffiti street of Ghent, Belgium

How it all started

I’m a commercial and editorial photographer based in Manchester, North of England. I’ve spent all of my working life up North. It all started when I escaped from my native Devon, to the green pastures of North Lincolnshire, way back in 2005.

I have since worked as a photographer in York, Leeds, Knaresborough, Harrogate and now Manchester.

I started working for a busy local daily newspaper as a press photographer in 2005. Then moved to a press agency a few years later. I worked on daily assignments for national newspapers and magazines. Since jumping ship in 2012, I been working as a freelance photographer and have taken on quite a few new challenges.

Areas of photographic expertise (and this site)

My work has always been diverse, but covering the commercial spectrum more often than not. As well as more unusual areas of editorial and commercial photography.

To see some of my latest work take a look at here:

Favourite photo jobs

I am bloody awful at selling myself, but I have worked on some pretty cool jobs over the years.

This includes: Photographing mountaineers for the legendary PHD Mountain Software (who make expedition clothing) right here in Greater Manchester // Creating images for talented lingerie designer Christina Forte at a beautiful house in Ealing, London // Filming the amazing pole dancer Bendy Kate in Sheffield and Harrogate for her showreel, you see her on my Performance Photographer page // Accidentally upsetting John Prescott, causing him to show me his V-type, on a job for the Daily Mirror newspaper in Hull.

As well as being a professional photographer: I pride myself on writing in the first person. Love mountain biking and cycling. Head bang to heavy metal. Love travel to new places.

(Below, hot off the press, is my latest LinkedIn profile – If you like, you can you can also connect with me there)

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