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PR Photography

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What is a PR Photographer?

Essentially a form of commercial photography, a PR photographer is commissioned to create images for a business, organisation or individual’s news usage. These images are used with press releases or for public relations use, helping to enhance press coverage in newspapers, magazines and more increasingly social media online.

It is a clichéd thing to say, that a picture can tell a thousand words, though this couldn’t be truer with PR photography. More so, a well-crafted image can often elevate a PR story from a few column inches to a quarter or half page. Sometimes, to a full page or centre fold.

Through shares, likes and press coverage these photographs can help raise the profile of a business, charity or person in what might be considered an organic way.

How does this differ from Advertising?

Advertising photography requires an organisation or individual to buy space in a newspaper, magazine or online. PR photography relies on a story and photograph being interesting as news to be used. Both require different skills and tact, photographically and creatively.

A press release is not an advertisement, but a way for you as a business to promote your news. It’s aimed at the news media, and as such needs to be approached very differently to advertising photography.

How does PR Photography help?

PR photography is a bit of a fine art, between shooting for the client and for the press. The photographer’s aim is to create well crafted news images in their own right. Papers will generally avoid images that are overly branded or plastered with advertising.

And all for good reason, for your business. In recent years social media has grown exponentially and images are among the most shared content, and it is no secret that visual content dominates the web.

According to research by Socialbakers.com photos made up 87% of shared posts from Facebook Pages Worldwide.

According to Twitter, photos give a 35% bump in retweets, compared to what they would get anyway.


For more info on the above charts, check their sources below.

Check out eMarket’s Facebook photos blog here – http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Photos-Cluttering-Your-Facebook-Feed-Herersquos-Why/1010777/1

Check out What Fuels a Tweet’s Engagement on the Twitter blog here – http://blog.twitter.com/2014/what-fuels-a-tweets-engagement


Creating PR Photographs that papers will use, and use well, requires extensive experience of the industry. I guess, with 10 years experience and numerous photographs and videos that have gone viral, I can probably get away with saying I have that experience.

Creative PR Photography Consultancy

Working for national and regional press, for over a decade, I’ve had photographs on national front pages and centre spreads, as well as internationally published photographs. In that time have gained an understanding of the press industry and what photography is likely to help your sell in.

Bringing my experience of shooting for national newspapers, I can help your team brain storm creative ideas for your shoot.

I can also attend a recce, on-site, before the shoot to ensure you get the best possible image from the photo-call.

Booking me as a PR Photographer for your Photocall or Job

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To enquire about PR photography or consultancy, please get in touch. Either call on 07901 617571 or email on jp@jonathanpow.com