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Sometimes a cameraphone is good enough: Swans on the River Cam in Cambridge at Sunset

Swans on the River Cam in Cambridge at Sunset

They look pretty content with the world don’t they? I saw this when heading back from Cambridge yesterday. It was a really nice few days, talking about how the skies in England are so stunning and I saw this. With my iPhone and my Fujifilm X100 (in my bag) I reached for my iPhone (I had to hold it out over the river Cam, so maybe I should’ve gone with the other, which has a sturdy strap, but the iPhone was in my hand)

I wouldn’t say the quality was better or anything, but neither am I a camera snob. They’re ultimately just our tools and if you pick the right moment and work around your tools the results can be pretty cool. It’s never the camera it’s the photographer who composes, arranges and times the photographs.

You can get a nice print here, I’d say it was pretty good up to around 12×18, maybe slightly more: http://jonathanpow.photoshelter.com/image/I0000qgUTBe_wvNo

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