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  • Editorial Photographer (My work for publications, magazines and newspapers)
  • Commercial Photographer (My work for commercial clients, from static to lifestyle product photography - My preference is lifestyle photography)
  • PR Photographer (My work for public relations and corporate sectors for small, medium and large businesses)

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Corporate Portraits – Photographing something with a difference

Image is everything, and I offer corporate portraits with a difference. It takes planning, time and a reassuring budget, but the results will make an impression (Plus, I’ll hapilly tell you if I think the idea will look shite, I throw that in for free, and try and come up with something better).

Working with a graphics guru, Ian Ladley at http://www.skinnydesign.net/, I’m learning more & more about the importance of good photography. Bizarre as that sounds, with me being photographer of almost 10 years, but it makes perfect sense, especially in the commercial & corporate world of visual heavy brochures, advertising, press releases & social networking

All to often folks don’t budget for quality photography. Sometimes it’s fair enough, when money is tight, and sometimes you can get away with it, but often poor photography will make the product, press article or social networking campaign suffer. Which is sad. But I can help.

Graphics guru Ian, and folks in his line of work, will often get a much easier ride from a design point of view if there is quality photography. He recently worked on a brochure where “75% of the job” rode on the photography. That’s a lot.

Of course photography if striking, imaginative and well shot it can really set you out from the rest. And often, if the image works well, it’ll be just usable in a brochure, as well as a twitter campaign, or profile image, so you have more value for money

One thing I pride myself on is coming up with interesting and unique ideas. Whilst this might not be always possible (or necessary) on every job or for every budget, it’s certainly easier if you’re a) willing to have a bit of fun b) willing to spend a bit of time (sometimes a setting up and perfecting one main image) trying something different and c) able to afford my reassuringly expensive fees.

If you want something different, prices are on enquiry, as no two jobs are ever the same. If you want a more conventional image, I can do that too, I just enjoy the fun ones better!

Call me on 07901 617571 or email your crazy ideas to jp@jonathanpow.com

The images in the set above are of Andrew Keeble founder Heck Sausages http://heckfood.co.uk/

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