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  • Editorial Photographer (My work for publications, magazines and newspapers)
  • Commercial Photographer (My work for commercial clients, from static to lifestyle product photography - My preference is lifestyle photography)
  • PR Photographer (My work for public relations and corporate sectors for small, medium and large businesses)

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I’m a photographer first and foremost, and also in recent years have shot videos for various clients as a videographer.  Photography will always come first for me, but video is and will continue to become more and more important.

It’s amazing to see the reach of videos, one I worked as videographer/director on (for Barcroft Media) has seen almost half a million views on YouTube alone! (I have no doubt it was seen by thousands more, through numerous national and international news outlets it appeared in too)

Shooting video can be a time consuming process, and as too can photography. As a creative professional I want to get the best results and sometimes that involves me asking for ‘one more’ shoot… there are sometimes a lot of those! The results can be pretty cool though, and in the age of YouTube video can be massively important to for your profile or business.

Below are some videos I have recently worked on. One of the videos (The Barbie of Bradford) has seen 446,202 views on YouTube alone (as of 25/03/2014).

These are all quirky Editorial and Features


The Barbie of Bradford

Videographer / Director

Dogs and Guinea Pigs with No Hair: Hairless Pets

Videographer / Director


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