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Museum Photography at Eureka! (digiPlaySpace Teacher’s Guide)

Museum Photography at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum. The museum has always been a superb place to photograph. It is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The museum was set up over 25 years ago and continues to inspire and educate kids to this day.

From 8th July 2017 to 15th April 2018 the museum has hosted a touring exhibition called digiPlaceSpace. It is an immersive art experience for kids (and adults too). In my less than eloquent tone: it’s a place for kids to learn and play with creative technology, to inspire and educate.

The touring exhibition is packed full of interactive digital art, created by artists from around the globe. It was originally put together by Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Canada, 2012

The exhibition is wonderful to photograph. Though not without its challenges. Capturing the effect of dramatic lighting (and fast-moving kids) can be a technical challenge (a pretty tricky combination for commercial/reportage-type photography).

I’m often called in for my museum photography (as well as for other visitor attractions). The way images are used is often pretty diverse. Photo uses range from social media, to printed literature and websites (including this Teachers’ Guide).

With this sort of photography, an experienced photographer is a must. For the sake of quality and reproducibility. I’ll be the first to say that anyone can take a good photograph. But. To do that time and time again. In a way that creates high quality and versatile imagery. Within a limited timeframe. It all takes expertise.

If I remember correctly. The images above (and below) were all shot in a day…. there were hundreds/if not thousands of images to go through. Almost two hundred images delivered afterwards, with hours of post-production editing time.

It was a tiring day, mixed with carting around lighting to ‘lift’ some of the images for print to arranging ‘set-ups’ so the exhibits can photographed whilst the kids play in as natural and relaxed way as possible. Plus, I had to fold my 6’9″ frame into a lot of tricky corners to try to photograph the kids, mostly without them noticing too much. To avoid giving them the chance for fixed cheesy grins/grimaces!


Soon, Eureka is looking to open another museum on the Mersey waterfront, in the Wirral (Liverpool City Region).

More info for Eureka! can be found online here – https://www.eureka.org.uk/ (opens in new tab)

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