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QR Code for capturing business cards in seconds

This post is to help anyone intrigued by the barcode-like image on my contact page.

In brief it’s a barcode of a business card and if you’ve got a camera phone you can probably get software to read it at the following locations…

For Nokia mobiles there’s Nokia Barcode Reader (offered free for certain models):

Download and install Nokia Barcode Reader | Nokia.com

The above link above also suggests a few other pieces of software for other makes and models. This includes another piece of software that I am aware of (although have not tried personally) called i-nigma. This works on the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry mobile telephones to name but a few. As far as I can see this is offered free for personal use:

Download i-nigma reader | i-nigma.com

I’m a sucker for all things technological and the neat bit of technological wizardry is a QR Code. It’s a big hit and has been a bit of household name in Japan for many years, though not such a big hit in the UK. Though I do wonder why, as it is a great time saver. I’m regularly picking up business cards or getting contact details off of the web, and have to go through the rigmarole of manually entering the details into my phone, slow-slowly one character at a time. Yet with a piece of QR Code and a camera phone, it’s as simple as pointing and shooting and the information is decoded on screen, virtually instantly.

Originally developed to track vehicle parts it can now be used in camera phones to record virtually any bit of written information, such as links to websites, business cards or messages. These cryptic looking symbols are even posted on giant billboards and screens to encourage the reader to scan and find out more… Well, I’ve done that and hopefully now you have been enlightened.

For those of you who are really intrigued, or really techy, or both, here’s a link to DENSO WAVE’s website, the creators QR Code:


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