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The Sun – Lady Eats 8st of Cheese a Year

To show how diverse work can be, especially covering editorial / press photography. Here is a story of a lady who lost a lot of weight after she dropped her diet of cheese excess! This appeared in the The Sun newspaper and was shot for Hotspot Media earlier this month.


Here’s an excerpt from the article, you can read the full article here >>> http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/6339545/Meet-woman-who-ate-EIGHT-stone-of-cheese-a-year-ballooning-to-28st.html

“NOTHING was more tempting for Rachel Margison, than a big block of cheese.

While many women fawn over chocolate bars or gooey caramel, her vice was a massive wedge of Cheddar, Edam or Red … Leicester.

In fact, she was scoffing an incredible 2.2lb of cheese a week — or 8st a year.

She would plaster it on toast, snack on it while watching TV and even sprinkle it on an already cheesy … phenomenal 15st 7lb.

Single Rachel, 32, says: “I couldn’t get enough cheese. My favourite snack was a big cheese sandwich. I’d scoff a massive block of Cheddar wedged between two thick slices of bread…”


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