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A conversation with Lynda Benglis on Ocula

Pleased to see one of my recent shoots with artist Lynda Benglis at the Hepworth Wakefield hitting the pages of Ocula.com

The except below is from Ocula. They’re the leading contemporary art website in Asia-Pacific! Click the following link to read more on their site http://ocula.com/magazine/conversations/lynda-benglis/

“In 1974, Lynda Benglis created one of the iconic works of recent art history, Centrefold. The work was presented as an advertisement in Artforum and featured the artist naked, save for a pair of sunglasses, her body oiled, her hip thrust forward, holding an enormous dildo. Benglis has explained the work as “a study of the objectification of the self”, and it has been seen as an example of gender performativity, and as a cutting parody of the male dominated art world.

The work, which last November celebrated its 40th anniversary, is but one work of a career that spans over fifty years: a career characterised by a continuing investigation of material, media and cultural constructs to challenge the limits of painting, sculpture, eroticism, taste, feminism, and masculine hegemony.

The current exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield Museum in Yorkshire, England is the largest ever museum survey of the Greek-American artist’s work in the United Kingdom. The show features approximately 50 works that span the entirety of Benglis’ prolific career to date: from the early brightly coloured poured latex pieces that initially earned her critical attention to the glitter-encrusted ‘knots’ of the seventies. From her radical videos that explored power, gender relations and role-playing, to her more recent ceramic and polyurethane works…”

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