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John Prescott tries out a V-type

The Mirror (London, England)
Date:    Sep 4, 2007

“ONE JAG.. TWO FINGERS; EXCLUSIVE Now Prezza tries out a V-Type..

HERE’S John Prescott reminding us how many Jags he USED to have…

The former Deputy Prime Minister is clearly struggling to come to terms with the fact he now has to make do with only one of the flashy cars to get about in.

Mr Prescott lost his official Jaguar XJ6 saloon, driver and four minders last weekend after a security review.

He left his pounds 650,000 constituency home in Hull yesterday at the wheel of his own green XJS.

And despite spending years trying to shake off his nickname Two Jags, the gruff politician looked like he was hankering after those days when one luxury car was not enough as he flashed two fingers to photographers.

Mr Prescott sparked fury in 1999 by using his work Jag to ferry him and wife Pauline 200 yards from their hotel to the Labour party conference so her new hairdo would not be ruined.

Of his nickname, he said: “I only ever owned one Jag. The other was a government car.”

As Transport Secretary, Mr Prescott once declared he wanted to get people out of their motors. But he obviously loves to get out IN his.


Favourite film is Billy Elliot – northern working-class lad becomes a star.

His family won pounds 1,000 in a competition for the “most typical British family of 1951″. Voice of the Mirror: Page 10



WHEEL GLUM: Grim-faced Prescott in his Jag yesterday Picture: JONATHAN POW/ROSS PARRY”

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