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Chrichton Bespoke – Tailor & Shirtmakers , Chester

As a commercial photographer I like to think I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities, always with my eyes peeled for new locations to shoot in or new clients to work for. Sometimes, however, I’m caught by surprise… especially if I’m ‘in the zone’, in the middle of a shoot. Sometimes I think a bomb could go if and I wouldn’t notice!

Yesterday was a prime example of that. I was out shooting a test with the lovely Bexi Owen (a swinging singing showgirl) and I found a stunning red door. Not really thinking, I continued merrily shooting away. Then I realised what the door belonged to. A bespoke tailor.

Again, not really thinking, I carried on. Then, shortly after spotting someone in the side and smiling at them, the red door opened. It was one hell of a surprise.

Inside was this stunning place, Chrichton Bespoke, a tailor a shirtmakers in the heart of Chester. As you may already know, I’ve always had a penchant for working with British  manufacturers. I find it almost romantic, to think of age-old traditions remaining here in the UK, such as shirt making. And long may it continue and grow with new industry.

I work a lot for UK manufacturers, designers and retailers, employing either commercial photography or for PR photography.

We have so many wonderful manufacturers and businesses here in the UK, and to help sell it in the best way possible, many could reap the benefits from beautiful professional photography. Be it a clothing brands in Manchester needing fashion photography or even glamping businesses in Yorkshire needing beautiful lifestyle photography. Don’t let photography let your company down!

I hope to revisit Patrick in the not too distant future. Chrichton Bespoke would make a simply stunning location for future shoots, perfect to get the creative juices going! It’s a prime example of how, when we’re not looking, things can find us.

I hope you enjoy these photos, as much as I enjoyed visiting this place (albeit briefly!).

If you think you could employ my skills for something similar, either for commercial or editorial reasons, contact me on 07901 617571 or email jp@jonathanpow.com. If your photographic project is with anything like this gem, I’d certainly be happy to assist!

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