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The Torn guitarist, Damian Dalton Smith, at the Baths Hall, Scunthorpe

An image from my website archive –  Taken back in 2005 – Dug out from the depths, because I didn’t know (until now), Damian Dalton Smith and Sheridan Smith were related, let alone brother and sister.

Funny how I’m crap at connecting names some times!

It’s a nice photo, so that’s a good enough reason to revive it for me. Taken in a hazy Baths Hall, Scunthorpe. A bit of a legendary club, back in the day. It did have very sticky carpets from memory. Though I think all that has changed now and the sticky carpets have long gone!

I’ve always loved photographing live gigs and music. It marks where I started as a photographer, back in the day when I was in a heavy metal band and discovered I made pretty terrible vocalist. It’s just the unpredictability of it all, where serendipitous events can happen, such as a spot light through the fog in the photo above.

A bit about the band (not sure if this is up to date any more as of 25/02/2015) – The Torn are a Lincolnshire band formed in 2005. Comprising of four musicians, Damian Dalton Smith, Nick Berry, Tim Taylor and Ben Mullins. The four tour the length and breadth of the UK in their ex-police riot van.

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