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A Heck of a good way to spend a Saturday (& part of your honeymoon)!

On Monday the 21st of July, Pooja and I got married in Harrogate!

I took her on a surprise trip up to the Lake District on Thursday for a mini-honeymoon in Keswick for 2 nights.

Our little mini-honeymoon was topped off with a visit to a little (or actually, it was rather fancy and big) estate in North Yorkshire called the Camp Hill Estate to attend and photograph (as a commercial-ey, PR-ey, event photo shoot) the First Annual Camp Hill Sausage and Beer Festival for Heck Sausages.



This involved meeting Penny, a sausage dog with an attitude…and I was reminded of the saying that you should never work with animals or children!

Eventually we managed to get a few shots of Penny behaving herself and scoffing down some delicious Heck sausages.

It was pretty hot and steamy in the Heck caravan!

There was some excitement, and not to mention awkward poses (and even some pain!) when a few of the Heck lads and ladies rode a rodeo pig.

The ales and ciders were flowing all day from the barnyard bar with the Heck girls in charge of the taps.

Jack got his big sausage out on display and visitors could pay a pound to guess its weight for the possibility of winning it!

I bribed a few “models” with free beer and sausage sandwiches…didn’t take much persuasion at all!

There was a frenzied rush when the 15 different sausages from local butchers came out for the sausage tasting competition for the best sausage in show.

This prestigious prize was won by a Bedale local butcher, who received the cup (which was subsequently filled with a ridiculous amount of ale and consumed at an impressive pace) from William Hague.

The day ended with Pooja and I sitting on the grass in the sunshine and eating a Heck sausage sandwich with a lovely local cider.

If you need me for something similar, for any sort of PR or commercial shoots, call me on +44 (0) 7901 617571 (and being fed sausages and cider always helps!). I’m based north of Manchester and travel… often and far and wide.

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