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Wrynose Pass – Lake District Landscape

Ok, so the landscape photographer thing isn’t a long term thing, it’s just sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time to see some bloody nice stuff happening! To find out a bit about the last few days and these photographs, read on…


Yesterday and today I have been working on a shoot for a massively respected company, PHD, who make fine outdoor clothing for some awe inspiring expeditions from the likes of famous British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

It’s a big edit today, but as I edit away, I wanted to post two photographs for you all to enjoy, marking the end of Summer and start of Autumn… BRRRR… Best stack up on your down clothing!

Both photographs were taken in the Lake District. The image of the cows is the sunset yesterday evening, the last day of Autumn. I photographed it just outside Oxenholme, on the way to the train station. The second is the beautiful sun rising on the first day of Autumn over Wrynose Pass, just above the Three Shires Stone which marks the joining of the three historical counties of Cumbria.

The shoot went bloody well, and there’s lots of editing and culling to do. I can just think back to taking the photographs now, when I sort through them and the fantastic sun rises and sunsets.


BTW, if you need a commercial photographer for your next shoot, I’d quite like it if you gave me a call on 07901 617571 or email on jp@jonathanpow.com. My photography base is in Manchester, though I work all over the UK on different assignments.

Also, if you’re interested in the shoot stay tuned for more updates. For more info, drop me an email on the address above, or if you’re feeling stalker-ish like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@jonathanpow).

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